Thursday, 23 February 2017

Can Dinosaurs Turn Into Fossils?

We have discovered that a number of our children are curious or very knowledgable about dinosaurs. Some of the children have pretended that the rocks in our tyres are "fossils" and "dinosaur teeth." During a discussion one morning Noah asked "Can dinosaurs turn into fossils?"

Today we shared a conversation about what we know about fossils...

We watched a short video about how fossils are formed. 
Mrs Young, our Head of Science allowed us to borrow something very special to look at to help,us with our investigation... 


Some of the conversation sounded like this:
Chaise - "what happened to the dinosaurs?"
Oliver - "the saber tooth tiger is fierce and powerful." 
We looked at some pictures of what a saver tooth tiger would have looked like as well as some tigers from today. Oliver said that it was the tiger's 'ancestor.' 
Oliver -"ancestor is something that evolved into something today." 
Chaise - "how does it bite its mouth is so small?" 
Noah - "has its teeth grown a lot?" 
Owen - "bones live in everybody." 
Mrs Larrea - "do all dinosaurs have sharp teeth? Do they all eat meat?"
Oliver - "only herbivores don't have sharp teeth, they only eat plants. Herbivores have teeth down the back of their mouth." 

Some children observed more closely and recorded their observations.  

 Some children created fossils with salt dough... 
Mrs Larrea made a dinosaur skeleton...