Friday, 10 March 2017

Discovering Rainbows

Last week during the very wet weather we experienced, many of the children had observed a rainbow on their way to school and shared a conversation about it during morning group time. Later in the day we saw another rainbow appear.
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Later in the day we explored creating rainbows with a light and some prisms and a crystal. When asked how the rainbow got in the sky Mia said "after the rain the sun made a rainbow." Many of the children knew that the sun and the rain created a rainbow. We used the light box and prisms to try and understand a little more about how this happens. 

Over the next few days we included several activities exploring the colours in the rainbow.
Some children created a rainbow sculpture.

We conducted a science experiment creating swirling  rainbow colours . . .

We made rainbow toast!

and created a procedure about it . . .

Some children enjoyed making rainbow books . . .

And of course there has been plenty of exploration of colours at the painting easel. This was created with shower sponges . . .

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the children have explored applying the paint with a variety of materials to create different textures. They have also been exploring creating tonal paintings, using varying shades of the one colour as well as combining colours to create new tones . . .
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We created a rainbow inquiry table with a variety of activities to explore colour, pattern and rainbows through . . .
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We explored the sounds of a rainbow bottles (using the various sized bottles of coloured water at varying volumes and blowing across the top).
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Eliannah is collecting rainbows.
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Then she sorts the colours of the rainbow.
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It has been lots of fun exploring coulour and rainbows!

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