Tuesday, 23 May 2017

National Simultaneous Storytime

Today at 11 am around half a million children in schools all around Australia listened to the wonderful story The Cow Tripped Over the Moon... 
It's a beautiful story that celebrates perseverance, laughing at mistakes, and supportive friendship. 
We shared a discussion about perseverance, about goals and about supporting your friends. 
After we listened to a piece of music and thought about ways to dance and mime the main ideas in the story. We have been learning about dancing and gymnastics in our PE lessons. Last week we learnt about dancing to imagery and in gym we were practising springing and landing. There were lots of cows springing and leaping and landing. There were some dishes swirling and spoons twirling. 
The boys and girls practised their cutting out and then drew a moon and a cow. 
It's so exciting to know that children all around Australia have been sharing this story together today. 

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