Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Belonging in my Neighbourhood

Last week we delved into quite a deep class discussion after I asked the question - What is a neighbourhood?                                           

Jacob - "It's someone who lives next to you."            
Seth - "A neighbour."                                                           
Maddison - "You talk to your neighbours."                      
Henry - "I have a neighbour on this side and that side but I play with my neighbours on that side."       
Liam - "I have a bike park in my neighbourhood."         
Levi - "There's a neighbourhood what lives on that side but my house is in the middle."                       Zac - "Charlie and my cousin is my neighbour."           
Peyton W. -"Well, I'm in the middle and I have two neighbours. Margaret is on this side."                            
Owen - "My neighbour is Anastasia."                           
Michael-Jay - "I have four neighbours, dogs and people in my neighbourhood."                                     Noah - "I have a next door neighbour that's very busy. I have a pond nearby and a bus stop and a park and a little cafe that's open at night time."            
Zachary - "I ride my scooter in my neighbourhood."                                                                       Jacob - "There is another Jacob that lives next door to me and my brother is Harry and my neighbour Jacob has a little brother Harry as well. We are the same age!"                                                  

The children loved describing their neighbourhood to their friends. From this discussion we then created a neighbourhood on our tinker table. Cardboard houses, roads, people, animals and vehicles made out of mobilo and Lego were built and placed on our neighbourhood table.

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