Monday, 18 September 2017

The Fire Brigade

What an exciting, fun filled morning in Prep. We started our day with a whole school Chapel time where we celebrated our year 12 cohort who finish on Thursday prior to their HSC exams.

Eliannah was asked to go out the front and stand next to a year 12 student. She looked so little compared to the year 12 student who had also started in prep.

After crunch n sip, we had a surprise visit from the Narellan Fire Brigade. We re-learnt to call 000 in and emergency and Liam said we need to tell them "we have a fire". Charlie told us to 'meet at our letterbox' when we need to evacuate our house. Kaiah told us 'drop on the floor and when the fires off, go outside', in response to "What do you do if your clothes catch fire?" The fireman told us to cover our face with our hands and STOP! DROP! And ROLL! to put the fire out. The fireman also demonstrated how we get outside we 'GET DOWN LOW and GO, GO, GO!"

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