Thursday, 2 November 2017

Is it biodegradable?

This week we have been investigating if different kinds of rubbish are biodegradable. 
The children shared their theories about what biodegradable could mean. Lots of children had theories that were on the right track . . . 
Levi "it doesn't change."
Liam: "it fills the land up." 
Jacob: "it can be compost." 
We talked about "bio' meaning something that is living and can grow and bio degradable means that it is something that can grow teeny tiny creatures called bacteria that will make it break down and change back into dirt. 
We have collected some different pieces of rubbish and put them into some observation jars for our experiment. Some rubbish is plastic, some is paper and some is fruit peels. Some is in soil, some in sand and some in water. 

The children predicted if they thought it was biodegradable or not. Will it change or not? They have been observing and smelling. We have started to notice the banana peel growing something white and furry that looks like spider web. It also is starting to smell yucky. 


Through our experiment we are beginning to build conversations about what we should do with rubbish that is biodegradable and not biodegradable and how to take care of our place, Australia. We watched a video clip as well, which the children found very interesting.

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